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Learning to play an instrument musically is difficult enough without forcing the student through thick books of unmusical exercises. Development of musicianship and technique can happen through pleasure and delight much more easily than by ‘working’ through mindless exercises. Accura Music is dedicated to the publication of musical etudes that enhance learning by developing musicality and technique at the same time. 


Accura music prides itself in publishing works that define the state-of-the-art in music and music pedagogy. 

At Accura Music, you’ll find:

  • Definitive pedagogical texts like Donald Hunsberger’s The Remington Warm-Up Studies or Stuart Dempster’s The Modern Trombone.
  • Innovative studies such as Reginald Fink’s Introducing the Tenor Clef for Trombone and From Treble to Bass Clef Baritone
  • Genre defining works like Walter Hartley’s Concerto for 23 Winds or Thom Ritter George’s Concerto for Bass Trombone

We also publish music for:

  • A wide variety of ensembles, including works for band, orchestra, brass quintets and an extensive assortment of trombone, brass and low-brass ensembles. 
  • Studies for advanced players such as Advanced Musical Etudes, 112 Rhythmic and Melodic Studies based on Blazhevich’s School in Clefs for Trombone.
  • Studies for developing trombonists, like Introducing Legato and Introducing the F Attachment for Trombone.

Whatever your musical interest or ability level, Accura Music offers some of the best music and music texts to help you bring your music to the next level.